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Hen Party Male Stripper Ideas

Hen party strippers perform for the predominantly younger, adventurous all female audience who have a full itinerary of hen night activities. The bridesmaids, maid of honour or Mother of the bride usually take charge of hiring a male stripper as a surprise for the bride to be. Occasionally the bride will ensure she gets a male stripper for herself.

"...the bride will ensure she gets a male stripper for herself

Most often a male strippergram will visit their private party at a home address before the hens venture out to a nightclub in a party bus or limousine, or after they return from nightclubbing. Many clubs, pubs and restaurants in London, Birmingham and Manchester also accomodate male strippers to serve hen parties. Function rooms in local pubs and booths in local clubs / wine bars are a popular choice on hen nights.

Occasionally larger hen groups hire out entire private areas of a club, pub or restaurant which allow adult entertainment otherwise a topless or partial strip can easily be arranged if it's a more public affair. Sometimes they also hire out the entire nightclub. If time is scarce - the stripper can adapt his act for inside a hen party bus or limousine. However space is limited so harder to perform more elaborate dance routines. Hiring a stripper in a hotel room is also convenient and cost effective for chaotic hen parties with limited time and budget.

Common situations:

Bride to be subtly hints she wants a male stripper pre-hen party

Some coy bride to be's sometimes drop subtle hints to their friends that they want a male stripper present at their own hen party without explicitly asking or going into details. Perhaps due to concerns around how the Mother in-law or Sister in-law would react if she was too overt or desperate asking for another nude hunk before the wedding. It's always worth paying attention to minute details in conversations leading up to a hen night or hen weekend. Listening intently can reveal a lot during random conversations at the hen party - for example she might want a tame sophisticated James Bond stripper for a mixed audience or a big black guy with muscles.

She desperately wants a hen party stripper last minute late

Sometimes an unyielding bride to be on a hen night mid celebration after a few drinks longingly pops the question "When is the stripper arriving?". Surprised hen friends who didn't think of it or dismissed the idea initially, then frantically try to book a last minute male stripper while gallivanting around town on a hen night. After a few drinks on the night her tongue tends to slip what she really wants in the way of hen party entertainment.

Overkeen bride hires male stripper for her own hen party

Sometimes a bride to be under her own initiative will hire a male stripper for her own hen party or book a stripper at her own expense - unashamedly footing the entire bill herself. Same applies to keen birthday girls who don't leave anything to chance so take the reins and insist full control of the stripper itinerary. They may want control of specific stripper criteria's which must be met. Control freak bridezillas may have a strict criteria which must be adhered to on their last night of freedom.

Requests such as "he must have blue eyes, be chiseled, tanned, 6 foot 3" are normal before male strip shows at hen parties. Designating the maid of honor duties is deemed too risky sometimes.

Blast from the past stripper experience

Comments such as the following are common: "Many moons ago my friend bride booked me a muscly dwarf stripper for my 18th birthday. Decades later we all wanted to relive the experience at her hen party for a laugh."

Testing assumptions about bride to be's

There are varying degrees of prudish ladies or liberal ladies, sometimes apparent prudes or demure ladies react the complete opposite to how the organiser would expect and lap up every second of a male strip show.

People often behave completely differently behind closed doors with alcohol and no other men to judge, especially if you're used to seeing your work colleagues in a professional environment. Because a bride keeps quiet on the subject of men and strippers, that doesn't mean she does not secretly want a hen party male stripper to attend and make her feel special on her last night of freedom.

Suggestion from fun loving party outsiders

Sometimes it's recommended or suggested as an idea by someone on the fringes of the group such as a good humoured husband or boyfriend of one of the girl's at the hen party. Very often it's a cheeky sister, sister in law or occasionally Mother of the bride or Mother in law who acts a co-conspirator for more risque entertainment.

Travelling abroad hen parties with hotel strippers

Sometimes the bride will be travelling abroad and the wedding will be a date around the corner on arrival home. When the bride arrives home, friends end up spontaneously booking a male stripper last minute near the wedding or even on the day before the wedding ceremony in a hotel to cram one last activity in. The hen party grand finale.

Partial striptease - kissagram experience for conservative or mature hen's

For conservative or mature hen's sometimes all that is requested is the sheer presence of a hunky attractive guy to enter the room in a theatrical way with something humorous such as a big willy cake, wearing a uniform/ costume, then perform a tasteful light hearted dance/ kissagram routine. In this case the brief is toned down with a partial strip show/ kissagram experience/ topless routine. The value is in the surprise reaction and for theatre, rather than any lengthy striptease choreography or full nudity.

Litmus test the bride to be, before her hen party, without spoiling surprise

Open ended questions about what the bride to be would like to do on her hen party may give clues if she would love the idea of hiring a male stripper. Simply asking the bride "What would you like to do for your hen party?" may elicit some surprising and hilarious resposes from her such as "the trashier the better" or "I've always wanted a stripper".

In which case you have a green light. In other cases you may want to book a stripper deliberately knowing she gets easily embarassed for your own enjoyment, especially if you're a cheeky sibling or best friend who's known her since childhood.

During normal conversation you could mention stuff related to male strippers or talk about a previous male strip show in London you watched in advance before her hen party, then gauge how she reacts as a litmus test. Make sure this conversation occurs well in advance before the hen party date so she doesn't suspect you're plotting to book a stripper, especially if you're keen to keep it a surprise from her. Or want to watch the shock on her face. You could also ask if she has seen the movie Magic Mike and ask if she liked it?

What to do if an overly conservative groom dissaproves of booking a male stripper?

Explain there are tame routines more for the humour aimed towards the whole audience with little to no interaction with the bride if that is more suitable. Do what the bride would want since it's her special day. What happens at a hen party stays at a hen party.

To put more emphasys on the humour you could have your male stripper put a personalized face mask of the husband-to-be on during the stripper's grand entrance. This might help the groom come around to the idea and see the funny side.

There are always super mild alternatives to hen party male strippers such as hen party life drawing models and buff butlers to serve drinks, organize party games and entertain guests throughout the night. Some male strippers can provide this service at similar costs per hour.

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