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British Hen Night Culture

British drinking culture has a notorious reputation for being uninhibited and rowdy on the streets at night especially when it comes to celebrations such as hen nights/ hen weekends in cities like London, Brighton and Southend in Essex.

Bar and club owners have a love hate relationship with unruly female revellers out on a hen night. They often have to trade off a handsome bar tab for excessive drunken behaviour and embarrassing misdemeanours such as wafting around 3 foot inflatable willies. They also need to be prepared to accommodate male strippers on their premises organized by the hens. Most London bars are very tolerant towards entertainment from a male strippergram as it can mean free light entertainment for their punters. Male strippers are generally accepted by the British public as it's considered part of female bonding on a hen night.

Britain has one of the highest rates of alcohol binge drinking in the whole world according to the world health organization. The hen party phenomena and binge drinking culture seem to go hand in hand in places such as London's west end, Southend in Essex, Brighton and Birmingham. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development also found young British women in particular most likely to get excessively drunk than women in almost any Western country. At the weekends this is apparent on streets such as Oxford Street and Regent Street in London and Broad Street in Birmingham.

Male strippers however never drink alcohol while working, especially since much of their job requires driving long distances at night and performing choreographed dance routines.

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