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Male Strippers VS Female Strippers

Male strippers make up less than a third of the total UK stripper community. The role of male strippers in male strip clubs differs drastically from female strippers dancing in female strip clubs. However cliche hen n' stag parties that hire stripograms all love the same thing -- humour and embarrassment.

The general principle is that straight female audiences are turned on by story, emotion, mystique and sensuality, hence why Stripper.co.uk put a lot of time and resources into strip show plots with entertaining storylines and diverse musical/ dance influences to make a woman feel special. It's important for male strip shows to be carefully planned and choreographed backwards from a woman’s perspective, understanding any relevant psychographics for individual audiences, whether it's a hen do warming up to go mad in Marbella or demure birthday girl having a quiet tea n' biscuits at the Ritz.

Male dancer's tend to specialize in their own specific character such as a fireman, or even Harry Potter with amusing quirks, distinct storyboard and masculine dance moves to wow a larger, more discerning crowd. The male stripper's act itself has a routine exemplifying showmanship with playful plots making the dance more masculine than a female striptease commonly seen in lap dancing clubs.

Female stripper's don't tend to embody character's so much, opting for a more generic sexy, alluring lap dance routine without as much technical intricacy, props or structured choreography unless they are professional dancers. Female strippers have a propensity to offer an overt sexual fantasy, conveyed more frequently to male patrons on many nights of the week, whereas male strippers sell a full package of fun, laughter and comedy to large groups of ladies at one-off girl's nights out - such as a hen night in London.

Women embrace the humorous side to make it more liberating and easier to express themselves sexually in front of close friends and acquaintances.

On a hen night or birthday the participation of each girl sat in front of a gyrating, hip thrusting naked male stripper is less about individual enjoyment and more about 'showing off' in front of friends or taking one for the team to make the group laugh. Women are less interested in sexually objectifying male strippers per se. A male stripper is more often a means to an end for female bonding with friends, or to satisfy a single 'victim' in a party setting. Male strip shows are seen by women as just a novel way to socialize on a Saturday night.

In rare cases where women frequent male strip clubs for their own individual pleasure it's suggested due to fantasies of being desired, wanted or filling a void during occasions such as a break-up or divorce party. However male strippers do not engage in the same level of emotional investment with customers as female strippers - who may engage in deep conversations before shows to elicit lap dances or tot up tips. This is in part due to a difference in strip show format at a male strip club which is designed primarily for hen party groups vs female strip clubs - geared towards single gentlemen visiting after work.

On UK shores there are limited male strip clubs 'dedicated' towards male strippers on every night of the week - where heterosexual men perform for heterosexual women. There are however many male strip clubs in USA, especially in Las Vegas who see bachelorette parties as serious business - if not more seriously than London hen party counterparts. The closest alternatives are male revue style strip shows in theatres such as Magic Mike Live or Forbidden Nights that tour UK. There are also Saturday night male shows in female strip clubs in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Brighton and Bournemouth.

Male strippers explain their participation in stripping stems from wider, deeper personal motives including the adrenaline rush, adulation, atmosphere, personal fulfilment and outlet for expression/ showing off their fit athletic bodies. They feel more positive about exotic dancing compared to female strippers and feel it's more accepted than their female counterparts.

Female strippers tend to have more emotional labour outside the world of stripping, managing their relationships, self-image/ self-preservation and how they manage their reputation. Understandable with evidence demonstrating female strippers are less likely than males to receive social support for dancing as their main profession.

Many female exotic dancers do treat it as their main source of income compared to male strippers who do not depend on it as their only career - possibly due to hen nights occuring mainly on Saturdays. Many of which have flexible jobs in parallel such as modelling or personal fitness instructors during the daytime.

Scholarly studies reveal the dynamics of stripping and it's fascinating psychology differs in multiple ways for female audiences compared to male audiences. Observations can be made by sharing your stripper experiences with friends or hiring male strippergrams for your next party.


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