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Local Ladies Nights with Male Strippers

The term 'ladies night' can take on various meanings, from a group of ladies having a private night in to the professionally organized ladies night events which get themed around multiple male strippers, buff butlers and drag queens performing. Tickets are usually promoted through local organizers in support of charitable causes or to offer ladies in the local community a new theme to the usual nights out.  

Party promoters, pub landlords and large club owners occasionally arrange ladies night extravaganzas with a variety of fun filled cheeky entertainment. It's a place to treat yourself and your friends, or invite family and colleagues for birthday / hen party celebrations. A great opportunity to laugh and enjoy yourself in a friendly atmosphere locally.

Ideas for Ladies Nights Near You

Pub Ladies Nights

Often smaller venues such as pubs arrange local nearby ladies nights for regular female punters. Word quickly spreads in the local community which helps sell tickets quickly for these type of events. Organizers often partner up with local beauty salons, hairdressers and nail parlours where word can spread quickly in female social circles. Either the whole night or some of the evening is dedicated for the ladies night. The format works well for venues as a room full of female clientele attracts male customers afterwards.

Local Charity Ladies Night and Fundraising Campaign

We regularly help organize local charity event ladies nights fundraising for causes such as breast cancer, prostate cancer and terminally ill patients/ young individuals and children in local communities with rare hard to treat genetic diseases. Many of which have a target to meet in order to continue their treatment.

For fundraising ideas we can help arrange multiple male strippers with compere such as a drag queen artist to help raise money, raffle dances or auction off items of clothing. We have seen tickets for local charity ladies nights sellout rapidly with communities rallying together for Facebook causes. The Royal British Legions, local village halls and sports clubs are popular venues used for these type of ladies nights.

Village Hall/ Social Club/ Working men's club Ladies Nights

All surrounding countryside villages in a region can club together to organize a ladies night. These are popular with ladies who live in quiet villages given events of this nature are a novelty while living somewhere more isolated away from the razzmatazz of a city. There are usually no competing events in villages which presents an opportunity. Sometimes village halls and community centres can be used allowing its premises to be used for local community events.

Gala and Mecca Bingo Evenings

Bingo halls have a huge capacity and a pre-existing diverse fun loving fan base. Often a large hall is packed full of ladies at tables in the mood for a fun evening. Male strippers provide an additional source of entertainment to go before or after bingo games. Due to the sheer size of these ladies nights, several male strippers often perform accompanied by butlers in the buff and a drag queen.

Joint Birthday's & Hen Parties for Ladies Nights to Cut Costs

Organising a ladies night for multiple friend's birthdays and hen parties at once is very popular. If any of these occasions happen to coincide on nearby dates with other family, friends or friends of friends occasions, why not organize something together. There are many benefits doing this, costs are dramatically reduced for venue hire and stripper hire. Energy is saved planning and organzing, and more friends are united and reconnected.

Restaurant & Trendy Cafe Ladies Nights

Restaurants and cafe's that facilitate regular live entertainment often want to supplement their service to customers in the form of adult entertainment with after hours male strippers, especially international restaurants such as Latin, Italian, Romanian, Portuguese and Greek - renowned for more eccentric celebrations. Entertainment is often the missing ingredient while eating out for customers. Male stripagrams can conveniently arrive so party-goers don't have to galavant around the city looking for entertainment after mealtime. Tickets are usually cheap to these events seeing as customers have already spent money on food and drinks.

Strip Club Ladies Nights

Female strip clubs occasionally hold dedicated ladies nights with up to 4 male strippers all performing for example at Platinum Lace London, Hustler Club, Croydon, & No.4 in Mayfair, SophistiCats in Soho. The atmosphere at these events is often ecstatic due to the fact female strippers are amongst the audience who love the attention and join in the action. A DJ will be present.

Girls Night In for Small Groups & Meetups

Simple nights in and intimate soirees with friends organizing a girls night in mid week is a popular excuse to book a male stripper. Various scenarios come up where friends, colleagues, relatives reunite or have a day off work during the week and prefer to have a few relaxed drinks Monday to Thursday at a private address instead of the typical weekend night out gallivanting with the usual social circle. Birthdays may also be mid week where only a few people can attend locally or last minute. Other scenarios where friends work weekends and prefer to celebrate mid week to simplify logistics. Party people may also be celebrating multiple occasions successively - especially if living in London or Birmingham

Ladies who lunch, Gala dinners are also popular...

Typically when a male stripper performs on a ladies night, more than one lucky lady, and sometimes all the ladies like to be the centre of attention. A male stripper will typically stay longer to dance and entertain for a much larger audience on a ladies night compared to a typical routine. The length of time can be negotiated with the stripper - often they are required to entertain with longer performances in this environment. Sometimes several strippers are required, on a ladies night a dramatic duet show is also popular.

The event is usually hosted by an eccentric drag queen, with groups of ladies sitting around private tables in a large venue, with drinks served by Butlers in the Buff. Activities such as charity raffles and male stripper shows to get the crowd going and comedy shows take place, with venues offering discounts on drinks and dinner specials.

If you want a ladies night and you have ideas in mind how you want to fill the evening, please contact us. Stripper.co.uk can also custom build for you the perfect show. Need more information? Please contact us

Occasionally on facebook you'll see a flyer for this type of event circulating.
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