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Male Strippers London & Social Distancing #BeyondCovid

London male strippers roleplays and scenarios to arrest naughty brides or birthday girls who flouted social distancing/ lockdown rules will inevitably be a recurring theme for post lockdown parties around Greater London. London being the most seriously affected city in UK by the coronavirus pandemic.

For further police male stripper roleplay ideas at post-lockdown parties, let's examine how disobedient behaviour - ignoring social distancing - has continued throughout London during the Coronavirus pandemic:

London policeman are still continuing to break up parties in local parks. Lambeth closed it's park gates after around 3,000 people flouted social distancing rules, while Primrose Hill became another forbidden hotbed for picnics and sunbathing. Do you know a bride or birthday girl in or around the London green belt who has broken lockdown rules? If so, a male stripper London police arrest at a post-lockdown party could be appropriate once government give defiant partygoers the green light.

What are the government guidelines for social distancing to prevent the spread of coronavirus?

With mass gatherings and non-essential entertainment venues first to be banned during the coronavirus pandemic in UK, followed by full lockdown, the Swedish government also first banned 500 plus people gatherings, then reduced it to over 50 people. Indicating the risk goes up in correlation to the size of the party or gathering. This did not stop 1,008 illegal house parties including 18th birthdays defying decree in Manchester during an official Easter weekend lockdown. It seems hard to stop young people having fun with non-stop partying apparent, even with strict police enforcement. Do you know anyone who attended a London house party who should be disciplined by a hunky London male stripper dressed as a policeman after lockdown?

The 2 metre (6 feet) away from people rule is now common knowledge and a requirement for essential outings, however scientists believe it could be at least double this to be safe from coronavirus - especially if somone cough's or sneezes. Do you know a future bride or upcoming birthday girl who broke these rules? An outcall policeman male stripper can deliver a convincing, humorous script anywhere in London.

What will London parties with male strippers be like after lockdown with strict social distancing? Our predictions:

Smaller gatherings

Large splintered parties will be out (for a while), small intimate parties with 2-5 people will be in and possibly more frequent. Social distancing becomes increasing difficult amongst large gatherings. As confidence grows amongst a small intimate group of low-risk friends - people will choose to stick together with those few friends who they're confident don't have coronavirus symptoms. Instead of thrusted into a large group of unknown people and mass drunkenness in a confined social setting.

London male strip shows will be choreographed with strict social distancing and hygiene protocols in place. Will parties still be fun with less interaction with male strippers? Stage shows such as Forbidden Nights and Adonis Cabaret have demonstrated London male strip shows can still be successfully performed from a distance.

Rural hen parties and birthdays in blue zones outside London

London hen parties will be shifting more to the countryside where there is plenty of space and fresh air away from COVID-19 epicentres - in idyllic areas such as Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Sussex outside or on the outskirts of London.

Hen and birthday girl friends and family will be deferring their stuffy London city pad parties for more socially distant parties at places like farm rentals and hen weekend retreats in the home counties.

Summer garden parties and outdoor boozy brunches

Appeal for boozy brunch garden parties will go up as a preference to public places like London pubs and nightclubs. In a spacious back garden where partygoers can more easily socially distance from each other, the risk of exposure to coronavirus at an outdoor garden party with no general public around would in theory be reduced. Coronavirus reputedly lingers in airborn aerosols for hours indoors making a spacious outdoor setting more appealing - especially for older, more vulnerable partygoers such as over-70s.

Themed mask parties

Coronavirus masks will become fashionable with celebrity icons leading trends to go out and socialize in a mask without judgement. Social media is already exhibiting how fun coronavirus masks can look. Think funny hen party costumes with N95 masks. With so many costume shops around London it would be easy to incorporate coronavirus masks as part of a costume/ hen party theme.

Charity support

Male strippers in London will be doing more fundraising for coronavirus charities helping elderly and vulnerable people self-isolating. Grocery delivery for vulnerable people will continue to be a hotly debated topic due to the supply gap in supermarket deliveries - especially in densely populated cities like London. While social distancing, male strippers can deliver food. Fit, energetic male stripper volunteers can be put into action to offer their support aswell as help raise money for victims in the pandemic. Whether that be strip shows at future ladies nights in London.

Green light for sophisticated hens, shy hens and birthday girls

Before booking a male stripper, some sophisticated hen parties and shy hens occasionally ask if it's possible to have a light, tame strip show with little to no interaction. Now with social distancing the legal requirement - future shy hens can rest at ease it will be a socially distanced male strip show performance. Hens can sit back, relax and enjoy, rather than participate and be centre of attention. There should be less need to wait for the bride to get drunk before booking a last minute male stripper.

How will male strippers be able to perform with social distancing measures?

Higher hygiene

With humour being man's greatest gift to overcome adversity male strippers can incorporate a bucket and soapy water into strip shows, or deliver fun masks/ PPE/ hygiene products for the lucky birthday girls and hens. Girls better keep their distance to avoid getting splashed with soapy water. What better than have a hot naked guy covered in soap to remind you that washing your hands is effective against coronavirus.

How are male strippers in London adapting to coronavirus pandemic?

Male strippers in London are gradually shifting strip shows online with live Zoom shows and the most popular male strippers continue to build up their fan base with Onlyfans.

Hen party plans after lockdown:

London ministers hypothesized various future scenarios including allowing the young - 20-30 age groups being the first demographic to have restrictions steadily lifted. Suggesting the younger hen party industry might be primed for a late summer resurgence if confidence returns and social distancing works. Still a difficult scenario for young people who live and share with older more vulnerable family members.

Hen parties might consider small intimate parties with a select few, trusted friends to celebrate post-lockdown to reduce risk from being around unknown people and reduce risks for older, more vulnerable people.

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