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Sten Party Strippers

To reduce costs of hen & stag party activities including stripper prices, - sten parties or hag dos were formulized and now becoming a popular trend in 2020. With the obvious convenience and efficiency benefits, open-minded couples are happy to break British tradition by joining mutual friends together in one local London club or bar for their prenuptial madness. This enables couples to enjoy the like's of strippers in an acceptable and safe situation, eradicating post-party-conversation awkwardness - replacing it with shared laughter on their honeymoon.

The best club in London for sten parties which happily accommodates female and male strippers is Stokey Karaoke on Stamford Hill in North London.

Sten party strip show

A popular sten party strip show routine is to setup two chairs facing away from each other enthroned in the middle of the room/ disco and have the bride and groom seated, blindfolded and handcuffed before stripper's make a spectacular entrance. The male stripper starts off by aiming his dance routine at the bride to be, with the female stripper dancing for the groom. The bride and groom are then blindfolded once again as the male stripper swaps positions with the female stripper. As soon as the blindfold's come off, the couple get the surprise of their life as the crowd erupts into a hysteria. Dance moves and levels of nudity can be tempered for shy, prudish, joint and mature audiences.

For the icing on the sten party willy cake, the female and male stripper can finish their strip show with a raunchy duet routine on their own - lap dancing on each other with props such as whipped cream and baby oil. The hen n' stag then have an opportunity to relax and enjoy the strip show together.

"Sten party strippers put further emphasis on comedy"

A sten party strip show format is perfect for couples who may feel uncomfortable at the prospect of their future spouse ogling a beautiful-bodied stripper on their own while intoxicated. No boundaries are breached with 'fellow hags' around, and the couple can laugh about it together on their honeymoon and conscience free for years to come.

There's no out of sight, deviant hen/ stag friends of your partner to worry about - who may encourage wild behaviour from your partner during a party with strippers - typical of a normal hen/ stag do affair. One less, sometimes mortifying worry in the aftermath of hen n' stag party madness.

Sten party strippers also put further emphasis on comedy, eliminating the risk of jelousy. Comedy and surprise being a prerequisite ingredient for most hen, stag, hag parties. For extreme hen party jokers or female friends holding a grudge, a roly poly male stripper is sometimes requested to instigate extreme responses from wild hens or reduce risk of jelousy from a future husband. England is renowned for it's trashy wild hen party tradition with a philosohy that "the more outrageous the party the better", especially compared to other European countries. Brit hens have a habit of making Eurotrash look tame, all the more reason to throw a more innocent and inclusive sten party with innocent sten party strippers.

Comedy wedding party stripper

Who would think it's conceivable to have male stripper's kitted up in uniform bowl into a wedding party dinner? It happens. A typical format is based on a conspiring best man who integrates this mad sten party-esque idea as part of his best man speech to cement his comedy speech in history.

When the crowd least expect something outrageous at the end of a best man speech at a mid-wedding dinner, he will introduce a male stripper in uniform to embarass both newlyweds. The emphasis being on the theatrical entrance with vocals, comedy dialogue into a microphone as opposed to a strip show performance per se - keeping striptease to a bare minimum while maximising the theatre for an audience reaction. The goal is to get all family members and all age groups elated with laughter.

A great sten party idea if you cock-up plans on a hen or stag party. Or for bride to be's who felt let down when no stripper was organized for their hen party.





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